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AM 870 The Answer Weekday Program Guide

Weekday Program Guide

The Morning Answer


Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss talk local and national politics and current events every morning.

Dennis Prager


Everything in life -- from politics to religion to relationships -- is grist for Dennis' mill.  If it's interesting and affects your life, then Dennis will be talking about it with passion, humor, insight and wisdom.  Listen to Dennis and listen to your life change, for the better.

Michael Medved


Best-selling author and veteran film critic, Michael Medved emphasizes the intersection of politics and pop culture.  A "cultural crusader," Medved takes on the left and reviews recent movies.

Hugh Hewitt


High Hewitt is one of the nation's leading bloggers and a genuine media revolutionary.  He brings that expertise, wit and what New Yorker magazine calls an "amiable and relentless manner" to his show each day.

Dennis Miller


He's the most cerebral, astute and clever standup ever to put mouth to microphone.

Mike Gallagher


Mike takes on the liberal establishment every day on his radio show and frequent guest appearances on the Fox News Channel. Bill O'Reilly explains "what seperates Mike from other pundits is the personal nature of his beliefs and commentary."

Bill Martinez Live

Midnight-1am (Tue-Thur)

Bill Bennet's Morning in America


Bennett's show opens a daily dialogue with men and women across the country.  If it's making headlines, Morning in America gives you the day's first look at the major scoops.

Wall Street Journal This Morning with Gordon Deal


Wake up with the day's first look at top business stories and market trends from the US and around the world.  with Gordon and anchor Gina Cervetti.