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  • You Should Die at 75! [AUDIO]

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the guys behind the creation of Obamacare says he wishes to die at 75.  In a piece in the Atlantic, he says he is sure of his position.  “Here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist,” he writes, “living too long is also a loss.  It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is less deprived.” Read More
  • Gonzales: Progressives Want Hispanics to See Government Linked to their Success [AUDIO]

    In his book “Race for the Future: How Conservatives Can Break the Liberal Monopoly on Hispanic Americans,” Mike Gonzales examines how government decisions that encourage welfare and discourage assimilation and allow progressives to politically monopolize this growing segment of population.  Gonzales is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and was part of the administration of George W. Bush.  He joined Brian, Ben and Elisha on the Morning Answer to talk more about the book and his views on immigration and Hispanics in American politics. Read More
  • Dr. Tavi Troy: Ebola Unlikely to Spread in US, but Death Toll Could Get Much Higher [AUDIO]

    President Obama has reconsidered and is putting boots on the ground --- in West Africa!  This is in an attempt to fight the Ebola epidemic that is sweeping across the African continent.  He made the announcement on Tuesday in Atlanta at the Centers for Disease Control.  The President said that the US will establish military command centers to assist civilian efforts to combat the highly lethal disease.  Read More


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The Morning Answer - 09/19/2014 - Hour 3

Survey: 46% of Doctors Hate Obamacare, Democratic Rep Calls for Resignation of NFL Commissioner, NFL Enables Domestic Violence, Obama Complains to 1st Graders About Press Picking on Him, Michelle O: Being Married to Obama Can Be Hard, White House Rules Purge School Vending Machines of Tasty Snacks, Watt’s Boyfriend Takes to Social Media to Attack LAPD, CNN’s Lemon: Slavery Responsible for Spanking Culture, Blake Griffin Trades Slam Dunks for Slam Poetry.

Posted 9/19/2014 8:00:00 AM


The Morning Answer - 09/19/2014 - Hour 2

Chaffetz: 4 Individuals with Terrorist Ties Captured Crossing Border, Rick Perry Criticizes Mexico Border, Buchanan: Israel Has a Border Fence- Why Don’t We?, Ryan Reynolds Gets Another Superhero Movie, Batman Vs Superman Filming in Detroit, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Have a Baby Girl, Zeke Emanuel: I Want to Die at 75, Death Panels Arrive, Scotland Remains with the United Kingdom, 23% of Americans Want to Secede.

Posted 9/19/2014 7:00:00 AM


The Morning Answer - 09/19/2014 - Hour 1

Obama Complains to 1st Graders About Press Picking on Him, Pelosi: We Are Not There to Assist Combat Troops in Any of These Engagements, Menendez to Kerry: How Can Administration Use 9/11 Authorization it Wanted to Repeal to Go After ISIS?, Kerry: We’ve Been Arming Rebels for 20 Years, Attkisson: CBS Sinister in Censoring Stories, Former DHS Official: State Department Purposely Skirted Security for Benghazi, State Department Admits It Used Made Up Name for Complex in Benghazi, Former Navy Seal: 90% of Troops Do Not Support The President, Michelle O: Being Married to Obama Can Be Hard, White House Rules Purge School Vending Machines of Tasty Snacks, Get USC College Credit for Promoting Socialism, Watt’s Boyfriend Takes to Social Media to Attack LAPD, LA Income Rising, Hollywood Tax Break is a Shame, Michael Brown/Ferguson Update.

Posted 9/19/2014 6:00:00 AM

Ben Shapiro's Latest Columns

  • Republicans Caving on Syria

    The two major parties in America agree on virtually nothing. From abortion and gay marriage to tax rates and regulation, Democrats and Republicans hold polar viewpoints. But somehow, when it comes to the expansion of government power without regard for American interest, bipartisanship somehow springs to the fore. Read More
  • President Obama's Iraq, His Other Iraq, and His Third Iraq

    President Obama has made his entire career off of not being George W. Bush. During his shockingly fast political rise, he differentiated himself by claiming that he had stood alone against the warmongers who wanted to depose Saddam Hussein (never mind that he wasn't in Congress at the time). During the 2008 campaign, he claimed that he wouldn't be the kind of president who would enter America into open-ended conflicts without true American interests at stake. Iraq, he said, was the bad war; Afghanistan was the good war. Read More
  • President Obama's Arab Spring Nightmare

    With the Egyptian military killing Muslim Brotherhood in the streets and Muslim Brotherhood members burning down churches and parading nuns through those same streets, President Barack Obama took to the microphone from a golf course in Martha's Vineyard to clarify America's perspective. Here were his inspiring words: "America cannot determine the future of Egypt. That's a task for the Egyptian people. We don't take sides with any particular party or political figure. I know it's tempting inside of Egypt to blame the United States or the West or some other outside actor for what's gone wrong." Read More
  • Janet Napolitano's New Gig

    The head of one of the most prestigious state university systems in America should have one chief qualification: She should be ideologically inclined toward openness in education for the benefit of the students. Political bias permeates the higher education system throughout the United States, indoctrinating students into the canon of leftism. A huge number of students emerge with degrees in useless political correctness, an inability to think about the world without an emotional lens, and few job skills. The right person at the head of the University of California could bring some much-needed reform. Read More
  • Dr. Obama or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bankruptcy

    On July 18, 2013, the city of Detroit declared bankruptcy. The story of Detroit's bankruptcy was simple enough: Allow capitalism to grow the city, campaign against income inequality, tax the job creators until they flee, increase government spending in order to boost employment, promise generous pension plans to keep people voting for failure. Rinse, wash and repeat. That's how a city with 1.8 million people in 1950 becomes a city with 700,000 in 2013. That's why a city that once served as a magnet for industry began thinking about requiring city employees to live within the city limits for seven years. And that's how Motor City turned into a location shoot for "28 Days Later". Read More


Brian Whitman

Brian Whitman has lived in LA for the past 17 years and for 2 years in San Diego before that. He spent 15 years doing celebrity impressions and original characters on "The Rick Dees in the Morning Show" on KIIS FM. He was also a talk show host for 7 years on KABC AM and also co-hosted the evening talk show on KLSX-FM. He is well known as one of the top voice impersonators in the country, getting his start on the legendary Z-100 in New York on the Scott Shannon show at 13 years old! For many years Brian operated his own nationally syndicated comedy service providing comedy and funny voices to millions of listeners each week on hundreds of radio stations and shows all across America. Brian grew up on Staten Island, New York and became the youngest radio talk show host in the history of the legendary 77 WABC AM in New York City in 1997 when he was just 24 years old! Even though he's worked in the radio business since being a teenager, Brian did find time to earn a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from New York's Wagner College in 1994.

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro was born in Burbank and brought up in the home of two Reagan Republicans, where intelligent conversation about politics and philosophy was encouraged.  Ben quickly developed into a reasoned political thinker and a powerful writer.

Ben entered UCLA at the age of 16 and was never afraid to challenge the liberal professors and faculty.  At 17, he became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the US with his columns printed in major newspapers and on websites.

In addition to his hosting duties on the Morning Answer, Ben also is an editor-at-large of and a national best-selling author.

Elisha Krauss

Elisha is a home-schooled girl from Oklahoma who made a name for herself in New York City.  As an 18 year old freshman at the King's College in Manhattan, she found herself at WABC in New York putting together the nationally syndicated Sean Hannity Show.   "After being behind the scenes in radio for years, I know this is a huge opportunity to share my conservative beliefs with the AM870 The Answer audience everyday," says Elisha.