Ellen Flops, Winners Predictable at 86th Oscars [AUDIO]

The space disaster thriller "Gravity" is flying high after Sunday's 86th Academy Awards. The film picked up seven awards, including Best Director for Alfonso Cuaron. The Best Picture Oscar went to "12 Years a Slave." Director Steve McQueen's film also earned Lupita Nyong'o the Best Supporting Actress award. "Dallas Buyers Club" took home three awards, including Matthew McConaughey for Best Actor and Jared Leto for Best Supporting Actor. Cate Blanchett won the Best Actress Oscar for "Blue Jasmine."  Ellen DeGeneres hosted the ceremonies and garnered mixed reviews with one publication saying she “flopped.”

“Yikes!” exclaimed Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman.  “No performer wants to wake up and hear that on the radio.”

“To keep the gig at the Oscars is not that difficult,” opined Ben Shapiro.  “I mean, for years Billy Crystal did it and Johnny Carson did it… Ellen had a seven year gap between when she did it last and when she did it this time and there’s a reason for that.  Like the plague she only descends every seven years on the Oscars.”

Brian brought up that Ben had a great suggestion for an Oscar host – Jay Leno! 

“That would have been a no-brainer – like with Leno leaving their ratings would have been huge!” commented Elisha Krauss.  “It would have appealed more to middle America and the age demographic that they wanted.”

Click on the player above to hear Brian, Ben and Elisha’s take on possible Oscar hosts that are better than Ellen as well as their opinions on the winners of the awards.