State of the Union Reaction with Dr. Bill Rosenberg [AUDIO]

As soon as President Obama finished the State of the Union speech, the punditry began.  Dr. Bill Rosenberg, professor of Political Science at Drexel University joined The Morning Answer to evaluate this year’s annual speech and provide perspective.

Brian Whitman started asking Rosenberg if this State of the Union address that departed from the traditional addresses in that it’s an election year and the President is trying to rally the Democratic troops for the mid-terms?

“No, the fact of the matter is every two years is an election year and we are actually are in a constant election year the way politics works today,” responded Dr. Rosenberg.  “As soon as somebody gets elected, they already start running for the next office.” 

Brian then asked about the body language and whether or not we saw a more divided country, based on the reactions of the Republicans and Democrats. 

Dr. Rosenberg replied by saying that traditionally they have the concept of the “aisle” that divides the two parties when congress is in session.   “After the [Gabby] Giffords situation… it was a move to say let’s be more collegial and at that point we had really the first time Democrats and Republicans sitting together.  Some of that continued unofficially last night, but there were areas where it was predominantly Republican and primarily Democratic,” he pointed out. 

Rosenberg went on to say that normally the “out” party doesn’t stand or applaud for the President’s partisan rhetoric and the “in” party does.  “Last night the one key point in which everyone stood up was whenever we talked about the military and whenever we spoke about the particular soldier who had gone through a devastating injury… The whole country was behind the theme that the President was bringing forward at that moment.”

Click on the player above to hear Brian Whitman, Elisha Krauss and fill-in Victoria Taft discuss more about the State of the Union Speech with Dr. Bill Rosenberg.