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Veterans Fail to Applaud President Obama During Awkward Speech at American Legion [AUDIO][VIDEO] | AM 870 The Answer

Veterans Fail to Applaud President Obama During Awkward Speech at American Legion [AUDIO][VIDEO]

President Obama received a tepid response during his speech to the American Legion National Convention on Tuesday.  While Obama spoke, cameras showed the crowd with blank of frowning expressions as he paused several times for applause that never came.

“Well Obama is sort of like a laptop with a broken battery,” explained Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro.  “He needs to be recharged every so often in order for him to move forward with any sort of alacrity and during the speech you can hear that.”  Ben went on to describe how Obama would wait for applause, then be confused when he didn’t get it and unsure of whether he should continue or “do a mic drop and walk off the stage.”

“I just felt as if he was not very passionate or sincere in the speech and I felt like maybe the military vets in the audience recognized that,” said Elisha Krauss.

Brian Whitman defended the President.  “I don’t doubt the President’s sincerity on what he said there… When you’re the Commander in Chief – you’re speaking to veterans – Do you think they want you to say that you want to send them somewhere and let’s get going?  Or do you think veterans and service people more appreciate sort of a measured approach which is, you know what, ‘I have a tepid response, I’m not going to send you everywhere and anywhere.’”

Click on the player above to hear more of Brian, Ben and Elisha’s take on Obama’s awkward speech at the American Legion National Convention on Tuesday.

Watch the video of the entire awkward Obama speech at the American Legion convention below:

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  1. barry posted on 08/27/2014 03:47 PM
    I think the vets know this is the man that closed the war memorials to those that went, because he was being a small petty person, doing what he could do to harm the military veterans that he speaks of highly, but harms every chance he gets.
  2. barry posted on 08/27/2014 04:02 PM
    maybe if we weren't spending so much on illegals, we could do more for our veterans, and for B.O. to say he won't stop until all veterans have a home, is like saying he is working 24-7 on unemployment. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. barry posted on 08/27/2014 04:07 PM
    for all the people that he went to shake hands with after the talk, the applause was not even tepid, far less than that. would have enjoyed seeing the video of the audience sitting on their hands
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