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Breaking Bad, Modern Family Big Winners in Boring Emmys [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Breaking Bad, Modern Family Big Winners in Boring Emmys [AUDIO]

The show "Breaking Bad" came away a big winner at Monday night's Emmy Awards.  On its' last season, it took 6 awards, including "Best Drama" for the second time. The other big winner was "Modern Family."  Host Seth Meyers stayed away from politics and instead spent most of his time riffing on the state of the industry and streaming's growing dominance over network television.  Also Billy Crystal gave a very touching monologue in memoriam of Robin Williams.

Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro observed that the Emmys seemed to move along kind of slow.  "You notice everything seems to be moving more slowly these days? Even in a world where things are moving faster.  Baseball games now take two and a half hours instead of an hour an a half and the Emmys take three hours instead of like an hour!" remarked Ben.

"By the way, super boring Emmys!" added Elisha Krauss.  "The best part of the Emmys is always the red carpet, and then the fashion police recap like the next day."

Obviously the fashion police let down their guard.  "The best part of the Emmys last night was Lena Dunham's dress.  She wore a dress that looked like she murdered 53 muppets to make it!" joked Ben Shapiro.

"But you don't like it when she's not wearing clothes," Brian Whitman reminded Ben. 

"Right! So it's a significant upgrade [from] her natural nudity," responded Ben.

Click on the player above to hear Brian, Ben and Elisha's take on the 66th Annual Emmy Awards.


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