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New Book Details Hidden Lives of the Presidents [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

New Book Details Hidden Lives of the Presidents [AUDIO]

Secret Service agents have the front row to the lives of the Presidents, their wives and children.  In his new book “The First Family Detail,” Ronald Kessler dishes the dirt on the hidden lives of the leaders of the free world.  He joined Brian, Ben and Elisha on the Morning Answer to talk about his book and dish the juicy details.

Brian Whitman asked Kessler about “Energizer” which is the code name for Bill Clinton’s new girlfriend.

Kessler explained that “The Energizer” is named “Energizer” because the first letter of each code name for each family begins with the same letter.  For example, Bill is “Eagle” and Hillary is “Evergreen.” 

“She will show up, usually just as soon as Hillary leaves the home in Chappaqua,” detailed Kessler.  “The instructions are ‘Don’t sign her in,’ ‘don’t ask for her ID,’ ‘don’t have a background check’ even though Clinton relatives have to be signed in and show their ID.”

Brian pressed Kessler to “paint a word picture” of the Energizer.

“She is very well endowed, however, agents notice because she’s very nice to agents, brings them cookies, unlike Hillary who’s so nasty that agents consider being assigned to her detail to be a form of punishment,” explained Kessler.

Click on the player above to hear more of the interview and the juicy details of the hidden life of the Presidents!

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