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New Video Released Showing Michael Brown Robbing QuikTrip Store in Ferguson [AUDIO][VIDEO] | AM 870 The Answer

New Video Released Showing Michael Brown Robbing QuikTrip Store in Ferguson [AUDIO][VIDEO]

There’s lots of reaction to the press conference this morning in Ferguson made by Police Chief Thomas Jackson.  This morning he released video to reporters of what went on inside the Quiktrip market prior to the shooting death of Michael Brown.    In the video, it appears Brown and another suspect committed a strong arm robbery at the convenience store.   Michael Brown’s death occurred just three minutes after the incident inside the Quiktrip.

Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss said that when she was taking her conceal and carry permit course in Oklahoma, she found out that most of the time a shooting occurs in under a minute.   “So the fact that this took three minutes meant something must have occurred,” opined Elisha.

“It is now clear, that no matter what you think of the cop, it’s going to be extraordinarily difficult to prove that this was a racist situation given the fact that there was a call that went out—a 9-1-1 call---specifically with the suspect’s description and he [Michael Brown] matched the description of the suspect,” explained Ben Shapiro.  “So the idea that he just pulled over a random black guy and shot him is not true.”

Brian Whitman conceded that it wasn’t profiling but still believes “racism could be at play.”

Ben Shapiro reiterated that the Feds should get out of the way now since it wasn’t a racism issue and that it is now a local crime issue.   “When the media comes in and turns it in to, every incident is evidence of great white racism; this guarantees that every time in the future when there is an incident that even remotely resembles something like this, there will be riots!”

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Watch the video of Michael Brown robbing the Quiktrip below:

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