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TV Crew Tear Gassed by Ferguson Police While Covering Michael Brown Protests [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

TV Crew Tear Gassed by Ferguson Police While Covering Michael Brown Protests [AUDIO]

Turmoil continued for the fifth night in Ferguson, Missouri as people have taken to the streets in protest of slain suspect Michael Brown.   Last Saturday, the unarmed black man was shot by a white police officer.  Reaction has turned to looting and violence across the city outside of St. Louis.  As a result, police have been asking protestors to only gather during the day.  Also, cops tossed tear gas at an Al-Jazeera TV crew causing them to flee the area.

“So the cops are having a good time over there,” commented Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro. “This is more disturbing to me than the original incident because we don’t have all the information about the original incident.  Once we have more information we can make a judgment on that.”

“This doesn’t make things look good for the cops when they’re treating the press like this,” added Elisha Krauss.

“People are basically sitting around and they’re grabbing press people and they’re pushing them around,” continued Ben.  “This is why, for all the folks on the left who consistently say only cops should have guns, and apparently tanks and MRAVs and camouflage gear, and helmets, and tear gas---“

“How does this make you feel?   Gun sales in the St. Louis area, actually, by the way, have skyrocketed!” pointed out Elisha Krauss.

“Yeah, no, I think that people should have—private citizens obviously have a right to have guns and George Zimmerman obviously proved that it always works out!” said Brian Whitman.

Click on the player above to hear how Ben and Elisha respond to Brian’s trolling!

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