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Obama Orders Air Strikes, Food Drops in Iraq [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Obama Orders Air Strikes, Food Drops in Iraq [AUDIO]

The situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate.  Now it looks like the United States is stepping in with President Obama ordering air strikes as well as food drops to religious minorities who have been surrounded on a mountain.  In addition, Christian children are being beheaded, mothers raped and fathers hung by ISIS.  So far around 300,000 Christians have fled the country and are living in surrounding areas.

“By the way folks, for all the great evil that Israel is, it is important to recognize that Israel takes in refugees from Iraq and Syria – they have hospitals full of them in Northern Israel,” Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro reminded the audience.

In regards to President Obama’s statement announcing the air strikes, Brian Whitman commented that “that’s about exactly what you would have expected him to announce last night.”

“You would expect him to do that, but then they all came out, all his generals came out and said, ‘Well it’s just air strikes, we’re not going to put any boots on the ground,” said Ben.  “Do you understand that if this is important…you don’t rule out options.  Obama’s done this routinely, multiple times.”

Elisha Krauss expounded on the point, saying that Obama should have learned by now that it’s a bad idea and has ruined his credibility.

Brian disagreed with Elisha, saying it actually buttresses his credibility.  “Because we’ve been there for so long…I think the American people do have a right to know from the President if foot troops on the ground, in Iraq, are an option,” commented Brian.

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  1. zaqzilla posted on 08/08/2014 04:31 PM
    ISIS is Obama's Khmer Rouge.
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