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Steve Deace: Liberal Media Cop-out By Republicans, Conservatives [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Steve Deace: Liberal Media Cop-out By Republicans, Conservatives [AUDIO]

In Steve Deace’s latest article “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Liberal Media,” the commentator lays out the idea that we are seeing the biggest Republican cop-out in history on issues like immigration and a myriad of others.  He writes that “the liberal media is our side’s on-going excuse for standing for nothing, doing nothing and fighting for nothing.”  He filled in for Ben and Elisha on Tuesday’s “The Morning Answer” and took a segment to discuss his piece with Brian Whitman.

“Every movement has its own preferred methodology that justifies itself.  In the Republican Party, we have this excuse,” explained Deace.  “I’m tired of hearing this!  Especially because most of our people don’t consume liberal media.  Most conservative media personalities…don’t even interact with liberal media but I do.  I’ve worked for Politico, I’ve worked for USA Today, I’ve contributed to Business Insider, and I’ve appeared many times on MSNBC.”

He continued, “A funny thing happens when you actually interact with people…you find out there’s a real human being in there.  And yes, the liberal media is biased but if you look at the actual numbers of people who consume liberal media…the two most conservative are Sean Hannity’s and ‘The Kelly File.’  They are far and away the most watched in the 25-54 demographic.”    Meanwhile, Deace pointed out shows like CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 are ranked very far lower.

Brian Whitman turned the conversation back over to exploring the “cop-out” of the Republicans/conservatives and surprisingly attempted stick up for them.  “I think it’s offensive to tell Republicans and conservatives that they’re so moldable, that they’re so unsure of themselves that they can be molded by so called liberal media.  I think you have to give the thinkers, your people, more credit,” Brian told Steve.  “They’re bright people and they can come to their own decisions, and no report from Channel 7 should be able to sway them from their fundamental core principles and beliefs.”

“It doesn’t persuade them from the beliefs, it persuades them, it psyches them out from acting on it!” replied Steve.  “Like we’re the ‘Bad News Bears’ but there is a GOP elephant and it says ‘Chico’s Bail Bonds’ on the back.”

Click on the player above to hear more from Steve Deace and his latest column “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Liberal Media”

Click here to read “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Liberal Media!”

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