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Lt Col Robert Maginnis: Putin Wins in Malaysia Airline Attack [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Lt Col Robert Maginnis: Putin Wins in Malaysia Airline Attack [AUDIO]

The downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 near the Russia-Ukraine border was the result of a missile fired by Pro-Russian rebels according to an initial US assessment.  AM870 Military Advisor Lt. Colonel Robert Maginnis joined the Morning Answer to talk about what may have happened in the final moments of the flight.

Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman asked Maginnis about his initial thoughts upon hearing of the tragedy and if they have shifted.

“They have not shifted,” declared Maginnis.  “I have been anticipating, given all the ingredients for disaster… Russia has been sending volunteers throughout the Soviet Republic, they have been sending arms, missiles, tanks, AK-47s.  Vladimir Putin has made statements here recently they have started to move a lot of their forces along that particular border…I fully expected something like this.”

He went on to point out that three aircraft have already been shot down by these separatists. 

Ben Shapiro pressed Maginnis as to what he sees happening and if he saw any impact on Russia for this incident.

“Putin wins,” said Maginnis.  “Because I don’t think you’re going to get enough evidence from the crash site to really pin the blame on Moscow… What Putin really wants is instability in the region so the EU and NATO don’t become too comfortable with the former Soviet Republic.”

Click on the player above to hear more from Robert Maginnis about the outcome of the attack of Malaysian flight 17.

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