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Edward Klein's 'Blood Feud' Details Hatred Between Clintons, Obamas [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Edward Klein's 'Blood Feud' Details Hatred Between Clintons, Obamas [AUDIO]

New York Times Best Selling author Edward Klein is back with a new book.  “Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas” details the conflict between the two couples is more than a political rivalry.  Klein joined the Morning Answer on Thursday to discuss his latest writings.

“We are left with the obvious impression from the title… that they really don’t like each other and are just putting on a show for Democrats and Republicans alike,” commented Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman.

“It’s true and you know the mainstream media has been concentrating on the so-called feud between the TEA party and establishment wings of the Republican Party and completely ignoring…an even more important story the huge blood feud going on between these two great Democratic families,” explained Klein.

Brian pressed for a little juice on the dislike for each other.

“What they tell me in private…is that the Clintons and the Obamas have nothing but contempt for each other,” said Klein.  “I’ll give you the perfect example of this.    The Obamas invited the Clintons, finally, after five years or more to the White House for dinner…When they got there, Bill Clinton started lecturing Barack Obama about how to deal with the Republicans and Obama was so put out by this lecturing that he took out his Blackberry and started playing with it under the table, ignoring Bill Clinton and snubbing him.”

“See, in the old days, Clinton would have had something of his own to play with under the table, but you know folks…” joked Brian Whitman.

Ben Shapiro asked Klein about the ideological differences between the Clintons and the Obamas. 

"Hillary has already made plain publically, she feels...the current executive branch needs to reach out to the Republicans more than it has been.  That's a direct assault on Obama!" remarked Klein.  "She feels that Obamacare is a flawed law that needs to be changed.  She's talking about taking a much more engaged role overseas than Obama has been willing to do.  She thinks the border in the south should be secure, which Obama has refused to do and we can go on and on..."

Click on the player above to hear more about the Blood Feud between the Clintons and Obamas, Klein's discussion with former LA Mayor Villaraigosa about the DNC fiasco and Brian bust out his Clinton impersonation!

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