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Katie Pavlich Talks Immigration, War on Women, Leftist Hypocrisy [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Katie Pavlich Talks Immigration, War on Women, Leftist Hypocrisy [AUDIO]

Thousands of illegal immigrants continue to flood over the border in Texas as the border patrol struggles to keep up.  By some estimates the number now tops 60,000.  Townhall editor and Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich has spent a lot of time covering the border and she joined The Morning Answer on Tuesday to discuss and analyze the latest in the crisis and talk about the hypocrisy of the left.

Morning Answer host Brian Whitman referenced a number of issues at the border and asked Katie what the most important and significant thing that must be dealt with now.

“I think one of the most important things that is being heavily overlooked is the classification of these illegal immigrant ‘children’ as ‘minors.’  We’re seeing that 50 percent of the minors coming over are between the ages of 15 and 17, they are mostly male,” explained Katie.  “From reporting that I’ve done recently…[Border Patrol] has confirmed a lot of those young men coming over aren’t here to escape gang violence.  They’re in fact gang members and part of MS-13 which is a very violent street gang based in El Salvador and that has a very strong foothold here in American cities.”

She continued.  “The problem is that Border Patrol is not allowed to separate them out from the other minors and they’re not allowed to do anything about their gang status.  They turn them over to ICE who then gives them a court date and lets them go in the United States and hope that they show up.  But of course because they’re gang members they have no intention of actually following the law… This is no longer a border issue because they’re shipping these minors all over the country as far as Massachusetts.”

Click on the player above to hear more about the “War on Women” and hypocrisy of the left!

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