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Ben Shapiro: Feds Hoping for Violent Incident in Murrieta [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Ben Shapiro: Feds Hoping for Violent Incident in Murrieta [AUDIO]

Federal agents are still attempting to bring buses of illegal immigrants in to Murrieta and the residents are still succeeding in blocking them.  Busloads of 140 immigrants were supposed to be brought in to the Border Patrol station every 72 hours but instead have been diverted to San Ysidro after protests by locals.  It doesn’t look like the citizens will be giving up any time soon.

Morning Answer host Ben Shapiro felt that the idea that the Federal government can’t figure out that there might be some protesters is ridiculous.  “What they’re hoping for is for some kind of violent incident they can use against people who oppose the shipment of illegal immigrants in to places like Murrieta,” explained Ben. 

Brian Whitman offered a hypothetical to Ben, asking if he was injected with truth serum would he think that the people protesting with the American flags would just go away.

“Actually no.  As time goes on, I don’t even care whether they look better.  As time goes on, I want them doing this.  I’ve actually shifted a little on this,” admitted Ben.  “Once the media already has its images…to portray the idea that it’s a bunch of crazed white folks who are trying to stop little brown children from entering… So you have your images, so now my feeling is this: The images are already out there, I don’t care.  I want people standing up to the Federal government and telling them to enforce their own laws!”

“Really!” continued Ben.  “Because the greater danger to me is not people telling the Federal government to enforce their law – the greatest danger to me is the American people not caring whether the Federal government enforces laws currently on the books.”

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  1. James posted on 07/09/2014 02:18 PM
    Love this segment. Great points, and great information.
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