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Neel Kashkari: Trailing Poll Good News! [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Neel Kashkari: Trailing Poll Good News! [AUDIO]

A recent poll has Republican Gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari trailing behind Democrat Jerry Brown.  The Sacramento Bee reports that Kashkari is only pulling in 32 percent of likely voters vs Brown’s 52 percent.  Kashkari joined the Morning Answer to talk about his campaign progress and how to overcome these seemingly impossible poll numbers.

After some joking around with Brian Whitman, Elisha Krauss asked Neel how he was going to capture the votes of Democrats like her co-host.

“By focusing on the things every family cares about – the economy, jobs, a fair chance to work hard, a good education,” replied Kashkari.  He went on to remind the Morning Answer crew that Governor Brown has said nothing about the lawsuit and ruling that said the civil rights of minority and poor kids are being violated by failing schools and that’s because he is owned by the teacher’s union.

Ben Shapiro had a list of topics he told Kashkari should be talking about.  First and foremost, Ben felt the crime issue should be the most important for Neel to talk about.

“I’m with you 100%,” replied Neel.  “It’s another example of Jerry Brown taking what he thinks is the easy way out and not doing the hard work to actually solve the problem…. Crime is a serious issue and crime is rising all around the state but that’s not the only issue and I am…going to continue to focus on that but I think for a lot of folks – we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  That also is something.”

Brian Whitman wanted to know if the recent poll results showing Kashkari behind was a “wakeup call” and wondered how Neel is reacting to the pool.

“Actually I think the poll is excellent news!” exclaimed Neel.  “That same poll in March had me at 2 percent.  I’ve gone from 2 percent to 32 percent in three months.   Everyone knows Jerry Brown, inside and out.  And 48% of voters said, ‘All I know is that I want someone other than that guy.  Most voters still don’t know who I am so I interpret this poll to be a resounding lack of confidence in Jerry Brown.  He’s a Democratic governor in a Democratic state and he’s only got 52 percent against a guy who most people don’t know?  That’s actually a pretty big opportunity!”

Click on the player above to hear more from Neel Kashkari and Brian, Ben and Elisha!

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