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IRS to Pay National Organization of Marriage $50,000 in Damages [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

IRS to Pay National Organization of Marriage $50,000 in Damages [AUDIO]

The Internal Revenue Service will pay the National Organization of Marriage damages of $50,000.  The money is being paid to the pro-traditional marriage group after the agency leaked the confidential tax return and donor list.  Calling it a “very big win for the good guys,” NOM Chairman John Eastman joined The Morning Answer to talk about the outcome of the lawsuit.

Eastman explained that the IRS says they “inadvertently” sent out the group’s tax return without redacting the highly confidential donor list.  After being stonewalled over a year in the investigation, NOM filed a lawsuit against the IRS.   Over the course the lawsuit, they were able to identify the clerk who sent out the information and the gay rights activist on the receiving end who wanted to spread the information to deter future donors.

“Do you think some things, like marriage, or some things like abortion, that maybe used to be religious issues have now become political and that’s why we’re seeing these problems at the IRS?” wondered Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss.

“Partly, but I think it’s even part of a bigger problem.  Look, what’s the biggest fight in the country today?  Well we’ve got all these little skirmishes on specific issues whether marriage, or the size of the national debt or what have you.  The real big fight is the scope and purpose of the Federal government!” explained Eastman.  “Is it going to run our lives from cradle to grave or are we going to stick with the Constitution’s limits on the power of that government?   Not surprisingly, the people that go to work for that government find themselves siding with the government in those fights.”

Ben Shapiro asked Eastman about the DOJ’s involvement in the case and their refusal to prosecute.

“We’ve got a smoking gun document by this gay rights activist.  We’ve got a Google Chat that we obtained during discovery in the case where he admits to having a promising conduit that was going to give him our tax return information.   And he then turned this document around and gave it to the Human Rights Campaign.  That’s a felony! “ reported Eastman. 

“The Department of Justice has refused to prosecute him but when we deposed him to ask him questions about that promising conduit, he refused to answer and claimed the 5th Amendment.   We don’t have the ability to give him immunity but the Department of Justice does and we asked the Department of Justice to give him immunity so that he could be forced to talk.  They refused!  And that's the red flag that there's a lot more here than meets the eye that we've been able prove thusfar. ”

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