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Oliver North: Iraq is Saigon 1975 All Over Again [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Oliver North: Iraq is Saigon 1975 All Over Again [AUDIO]

Conditions are deteriorating rapidly in Iraq.  Militant Islamic group ISIS continues to capture territories and impose the harsh code of Sharia law in those areas.  Colonel Oliver North joined the Morning Answer to discuss the situation in the Middle East with Brian, Ben and Elisha and they wondered if he had the solution.

“Yes, I had the answer!” exclaimed North as he began the interview.  “It was don’t do the withdrawal – what the troops called the ‘Obama bug-out’ back in December of 2011.  Don’t do it!  Because it will lead to a disaster!”

Oliver continued, “Quite honestly, I could not have forecast that the disaster would be this profound and this soon!  But we knew as long as we had American troops on the ground they would shore up and give some backbone to the fledgling Iraqi military, which was still being trained.”

Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman then asked Ollie to assess the situation on the ground as of Friday morning.

North explained that as of 7 months ago, the radical ISIS was down to about 5,000 fighters.   After the Sunni group has been fighting for three years in Syria, they’ve now turned their ire to the Prime Minister of Iraq because he is a Shiite.  This was the same situation the US found itself in back in 2005, when the Sunni rebellion joined with the insurgency.  Now, there are probably close to 50,000 fighters who have now captured the major cities of Iraq and they are the wealthiest terror group in the world because of all the banks they have looted.  They are marching on the steps of Baghdad with the intention of establishing a caliphate.

Oliver North also explained that the American Embassy is destroying classified documents and material and making plans for the evacuation of the facility.  “This is Saigon 1975 in repeat – It’s déjà vu all over again!” declared North.

Click on the player above to hear more from Oliver North about the situation in Iraq and what America’s interest should be in the situation.

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