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Jesse Lee Peterson: Obama Scandals Continue Because There's No One to Stop Him [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Jesse Lee Peterson: Obama Scandals Continue Because There's No One to Stop Him [AUDIO]

Jesse Lee Peterson, AM870 weekend host and “the antidote to Jesse Jackson” joined Brian, Ben and Elisha on Thursday’s Morning Answer to talk about the feeling of hopelessness across the country.  Never short on words, Peterson jumped right in to his thoughts.

“I tried to warn America not to vote for Barak Obama back in 2008 when he told that lie about his relationship with Jeramiah Wright, Jr.” explained Jesse.  “I said this man is WORSE than Jeramiah Wright, Jesse Jackson and others and he would turn America in to a ghetto.  Well lo-and-behold it is worse than what I even imagined and it’s going to get worse before it gets better!”

Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman pressed him on the issue and brought up references to Obama’s relations with militant black activists.  Brian said there an “unspoken message” to whites that they would regret electing him as President because he didn’t like white people.  Now that he’s been President for six years, Brian claims nobody believes that is true.

“Look, we are more divided as a race than any other time in the history of America!” pointed out Jesse.  “When Bush was in office, only 30 percent…of black Americans thought that America was a racist society.  Now, 70 percent to 80 percent of black Americans believe that this country is a racist society because Obama used racism in order to divide and conquer.” 

He went on to say that Americans are relying on government more and more than at any other time, we’re more scared about what’s going on around the world and the Obama has control of the liberal media, RINO Republicans and the educational system.

“That’s why when we hear all of these scandals breaking out, we only talk about them and the next week we have a new one.  Because there is no one to stop him at this point!” exclaimed Jesse.

Click on the player above to hear what Jesse Lee Peterson think will happen once Obama leaves office and his prospects for the future of the country.

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