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Neel Kashkari: Jerry Brown Living in Job, Education 'Fantasyland' [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Neel Kashkari: Jerry Brown Living in Job, Education 'Fantasyland' [AUDIO]

After defeating fellow Republican Tim Donnelly in the Primary Election, Neel Kashkari now moves on to directly challenge Jerry Brown in the upcoming General Election.  Neel “The Real Deal” Kashkari joined The Morning Answer on Friday to chat with Brian, Ben and Elisha about his game plan to win the Governorship of California.

Brian Whitman congratulated Kashkari on his victory but reminded him he has quite the challenge heading in to November.

“My opponent [Donnelly] was a competitor, he worked really hard, I respect him for that,” said Kashkari “ I want to now unite all Californians around the issues that families are struggling with: lack of good jobs, failing schools, record high poverty and I’m going to make Jerry Brown answer for…what’s really happening to middle class families in California.”

“Neel, now how are you going to go about taking on Jerry Brown?” asked Morning Answer host Ben Shapiro.  “What issues are going to be at the top of the list?  If you say ‘jobs and education…’ we’ve heard it before—“

“It worked for him though,” interjected Brian Whitman.

“Well it worked in the primary,” Ben pointed out to Brian, “but against Jerry Brown the problem is…Neel, you’re running in to the buzz saw of a media that is essentially suggesting that Brown has done a spectacular job on jobs and that on education they don’t really care, on spending he’s great.  How do you take on the popular perception of Jerry Brown as some sort of massive spending hawk, which is unbelievable?”

“It’s unbelievable because you have record high budgets.  You’re exactly right.  But here’s the thing,” explained Kashkari.  “I just bring everything back to what does it mean for working families or middle class families that are looking for work.  We have 17 percent of Californians with either no job or a part-time job.  We’re ranked 47th out 50 states for jobs.  If that’s Jerry Brown’s comeback, he’s living in Fantasyland.  Most families know that we’re not back and I want to be a voice for all of those families that are struggling today, to say ‘You can have a better life.’  It starts with a good job and a good education for your kids.”

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