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California Primary Election Result Recap [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

California Primary Election Result Recap [AUDIO]

If you voted yesterday, you are definitely in the minority with voter turnout in the teens.  In the much watched Governor’s race, Neel Kashkari beat out Tim Donnelly 19% to 15% and will face off with Jerry Brown come November.    In the LA Sheriffs race it will be Jim McDonnell against Paul Tanaka.  McDonnell was the top vote getter at just under 50%.  Republican Elan Karr was also able to pull out a win in the overwhelmingly Democratic 33rd District.  Karr will face off with Ted Lieu in the upcoming November elections.  In third was Wendy Gruel.

Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss reminded Brian Whitman that he said she “should just stop running for things.”

“Wendy Greuel, nice lady, she must have clinical depression at this point,” surmised Brian.  “She can’t win anymore and she used to be an attractive candidate!”

Brian also laid out his strategy again for voting for Neel Kashkari.  He felt Tim Donnelly would have been an unworthy candidate to have a serious conversation for five months about the future of California.  “Neel Kashkari, Republican.  I’m not, but I like him.  I think…he is a moderate sort of independent enough guy.  I think he has serious conversations free of…the rhetorical atom bombs that are dropped by Tim Donnelly,” explained Brian.  “So I voted for Kashkari in an open primary because I think the people of California are well served by a Jerry Brown, Neel Kashkari race.”

He also said that he gives credit to the Republican Party for figuring out Neel Kashkari is a better face to represent the party.

“Why?” asked fill-in host Steve Deace.  “Why don’t you think Tim Donnelly wasn’t capable of having the conversation?”

“He’s proven himself with some of the crazy things he said,” replied Brian.

Steve said that was what he was trying to get at.  He wanted to know if Tim was actually a flawed candidate or if Brian was just using that as an objection to his ideology.

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