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Parking Ticket Quotas in LA Exposed! [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Parking Ticket Quotas in LA Exposed! [AUDIO]

The parking Nazis are on the prowl!  While officials continue to deny that meter maids work under ticket quotas, an LA Department of Transportation employee came forward to tell the truth.   The unnamed officer says that overtime work is really for writing tickets and nothing else.   He’s alleging that overtime shifts came with “strings attached,” one of which was the requirement to write 8 tickets per hour.

“You know how you prevent ticket quotas?  Stop having laws that allow people to write tickets for stupid crap!” exclaimed Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro.  “All of this nonsense in which they put a two hour time limit… Why does the state care if I park my car there all day?”

Playing devils advocate, host Elisha Krauss asked, “Can you imagine…if there like weren’t times?  I could see – There’s this dude in our neighborhood that has like a mini-RV and he like loves to park it on the street… If this was our home and we owned a house and some dude came and parked his RV all the time and he didn’t have to move it every couple hours…I would be a little perturbed… There might be a little actual violence on the streets of LA if people did not have to move their cars occasionally.”

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