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Smoking Gun Benghazi Memo Shows Obama Administration Misdirection [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Smoking Gun Benghazi Memo Shows Obama Administration Misdirection [AUDIO]

A smoking gun memo released on Wednesday shows that the White House had informed UN Ambassador Susan Rice to go on the Sunday political shows and to uphold a particular goal.  Officials instructed her “to underscore these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy.”

“The fact that they actually used that language and then are trying to cover it up – I mean Jay Carney yesterday talking about ‘Oh these talking points, they were meant for members of congress, not just Susan Rice,” chuckled Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss.

A more serious Morning Answer host Ben Shapiro pointed out that Carney ignored the more important fact which was a YouTube video being connected to Benghazi did not come from the CIA.   He had been saying it was the best available information about the attack they had from the agency.  However, CIA Director Morel said that when he saw Susan Rice on TV that Sunday he had no clue where that talking point had come from.

“Obviously, it was a politically motivated move by the Obama administration to misdirect away from exactly what they were trying to misdirect away from – a broader failure of foreign policy,” explained Ben.

Click on the player above to hear an ABC reporter go after Jay Carney about Benghazi and more assessment of the smoking gun memo about Benghazi.

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