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Donald Sterling Controversy Displays Media Hypocrisy [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Donald Sterling Controversy Displays Media Hypocrisy [AUDIO]

The Donald Sterling controversy continues to put the media’s hypocrisy on full display.  Yesterday Sterling was banned for life from the NBA and he will be ordered to pay $2.5 million in fines.  It was also announced that he will be forced to sell the team and the media continues to report this, despite the fact that NBA contract does not allow three-quarters of the owners to strip him of his ownership.   In addition, the media is ignoring the fact that laws may have been violated in the releasing of the infamous racist recording.

Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro said that the media is calling for Donald Sterling’s contract rights to be stripped away based on his racism.  Most likely he would win if he sued explained Ben.  “He should sue! “ exclaimed Ben.  “Even racists have contract rights in America.  ‘Cause this is America, and you don’t get to change the rules because you think somebody’s a jerk!”’

Ben and Elisha also talked about the call from several columnists for more black ownership in the NBA.

“I don’t care what color you are if you own an NBA team, I just don’t want you to be a scumbag like Donald Sterling!” commented Elisha Krauss.

“So let’s get this correct,” clarified Ben.  “The solution to Donald Sterling being a racist who hates black people is that we should discriminate based on race in the ownership of teams?” 

He then pointed out how even more ridiculous the idea was, since the NAACP was one of the voices calling for this “corrective action.” 

“The NAACP was going to give [Sterling] ANOTHER Lifetime Achievement award – they gave him one in 2009.  He was slated for another one THIS YEAR!  And now they’re on their high horse about Donald Sterling?” asked an incredulous Ben.  “They were happy to take the cash when he was signing the check!  By the way, so was the entire LA Clippers Team!”

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Also check out Ben Shapiro explaination of the illegality of NBA's termination of Sterling's ownership here...

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