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Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin: Increase Defense Spending on Mental Health to Prevent Another Ft. Hood [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin: Increase Defense Spending on Mental Health to Prevent Another Ft. Hood [AUDIO]

For the second time, soliders and their families are coping with a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas.  Three soldiers, including the gunman, were killed and 16 other people were hurt.  Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin joined the Morning Answer to give his take on the incident.

Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman asked Boykin, “When you look at this, as you hear it develop…as you see the images on your television, what does your gut say to you general?”

“Like all Americans, I’m deeply saddened by the loss of the people that were killed there as well as those that were injured,” said Boykin somberly.  “I’m just grieved to see this same kind of thing happen at Ft. Hood again.”

“What can be done tomorrow, if anything, in a year, if anything, to decrease these horrific episodes?” wondered Brian.

“There’s a couple of things,” responded Boykin.  “This young man was under care for emotional mental problems and I think right now the volume of people dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental disorders has reached such a level that I don’t think they’re getting the proper care.  I think that the system has been overloaded and I think it’s very important that we really start taking a look – instead of reducing defense spending – we need to be looking at certain areas where it needs to be increased and mental health care is one of those.”

Boykin continued.  “The second thing is that the security at Ft. Hood certainly could be increased.  Now there’s a lot of talk about giving soldiers weapons and all, and you know, we got to be realistic.  I’m not opposed to that under certain conditions and with certain caveats.  But at the same time, just increasing the security on that installation is a very important task that I think can be accomplished very quickly, very easily and in a way that would, in fact, ensure those families as well as the soldiers there could rest assured there is adequate security to protect them in a situation like that.”

Click on the player above to hear Brian, Ben and Elisha talk more about the Ft. Hood shooting and what can be done to prevent a similar tragedy in the future with Retired Lt. General  Jerry Boykin.

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