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Ben Shapiro: Noah Movie Idea is God Wanted to Create Big Zoo with Noah as Zookeeper [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Ben Shapiro: Noah Movie Idea is God Wanted to Create Big Zoo with Noah as Zookeeper [AUDIO]

Biblical epic “Noah” raked in $44 million its opening weekend, which is $14 million over the expected amount forecasted by Paramount Pictures.  The Los Angeles Times reports a diverse crowd attended showings, including Christians, Catholic Latinos and African-Americans.  It was split about 50-50 between men and women and there was a good balance of ages, but it did skew a little older.  While audiences gave it a standing ovation, the Morning Answer’s Ben Shapiro was not impressed.

“The movie is, to put it bluntly, a horror show,” sternly commented Ben.

“I don’t care if the movie is not biblically accurate, because it’s a movie.   That doesn’t really bug me,” explained Ben Shapiro.  “My big problem with the film is that the underlying morality of the film is despicable!  In the movie, the big sin is that people are mean to the earth.  You have a prehistoric version of fracking, like really, like they’re drilling for stuff, like they’re mining—“

“How does it happen in your head that you’re watching a movie about Noah and you start thinking about fracking?!?” Brian interrupted Ben.

“Because there’s a pipeline!  A pipeline!” exclaimed Ben.  “And there’s deforestation and environmental degradation, all the city dwellers are evil because they’ve destroyed the environment and because of all of this man deserves to die.  Now the problem is, when you set up sin as environmental degradation and man is the cause of environmental degradation then the question becomes, “Why does Noah’s family get to survive?”  They’re people too.  Shouldn’t they die also?”

Ben summed it up, “The idea in the movie is basically God wanted to create a big zoo with Noah as zookeeper.  That’s not accurate!”

Click on the player above to hear more of Ben’s take on Noah and Brian, Ben and Elisha take listeners calls getting their opinions on the movie “Noah.”


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