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Tim Donnelly Hitler Tweet Sparks Heated Debate with Brian Whitman [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Tim Donnelly Hitler Tweet Sparks Heated Debate with Brian Whitman [AUDIO]

Despite a cold shoulder at the state party convention and the departure of his campaign manager, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly presses on as he attempts to stay in the running for the state’s top spot.  Donnelly joined Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro on the Morning Answer on Tuesday to talk about the race but ended up getting in to a heated debate about a tweet featuring Hitler.

The interview tone turned confrontational when Brian Whitman asked Donnelly about a report that he had compared Obama’s gun control policy to Hitler.  “Haven’t we learned to save the Hitler references for Hitler – don’t you sort of cheapen the whole Hitler sting if you throw it around?” Brian chastised Donnelly.

“When you smear somebody by headlines…nobody reads what’s inside,” Donnelly fired back.  “I didn’t say anything!  I put a tweet out of a picture that had a 'Rogue’s Gallery' of people who believe in gun control and then it had a 'Heroes Gallery' of very unusual people who believe in your right to defend your life.”

Brian asked if Hitler was included in the “Heroes Gallery.” 

“Well, of course not,” replied Donnelly.  “You know if you’re going to ask me a question you really ought to look things up and actually read the entire story."

“Hold on Timmy.  Timmy, Timmy please,” interjected Brian.  ”I’m giving you every opportunity to explain your side. “

Click on the player above to hear the heated and tense exchange between Brian Whitman and Tim Donnelly and Ben Shapiro eventually coming to Tim’s defense. 

Below is the tweet that sparked the standoff between Brian and Tim:


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