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Six Californias Plan Moves Forward [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Six Californias Plan Moves Forward [AUDIO]

Businessman Tim Draper’s plan to divide California up in to six states is moving forward.  Earlier this week, he got the go-ahead from the state to begin collecting signatures to qualify for the ballot.  He will need over 800,000 signatures to make the cut.  Draper joined the Morning Answer to talk with Brian, Ben and Elisha about his plan to break up the Golden State.

“California is simply too big,” Draper told Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman.  It’s “trying to be all things to all people and the only people who seem to benefit from that are the special interests.”    He went on to explain how California used to be #1 in education and  great infrastructure but now we “pay the most for the worst.”

Brian questioned Draper about a comment he made saying “California is too big and too diverse to properly represent all of its’ residents.”  “When you say California is too diverse, what do you mean by that?” asked Brian.

“The interests are so different.  So way up in Jefferson, the issue is taxation without representation.  Down in South California, their issue is immigration law…. The Central Valley is very concerned with water rights… then the Silicon Valley is very interested in a government that’s in touch with all these new changes that are happening in technology,” explained Draper.  “So it feels that a big government like this just has no feel for its’ constituents…”

Click on the player above to hear more from Tim Draper and the Morning Answer about California breaking in to six separate states.

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