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Neel Kashkari: LAUSD Has Become a Jobs Program | AM 870 The Answer

Neel Kashkari: LAUSD Has Become a Jobs Program

Two Republicans are running to become the next Governor of California - Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and former Assistant Treasury Secretary Neel Kashkari.  Kashkari joined Brian, Ben and Elisha on The Morning Answer again Tuesday morning to talk about his ideas for fixing California and how he expects to defeat Jerry Brown.

Co-host Brian Whitman played of Tim Donnelly criticizing Kashkari’s campaign focus of “jobs and education” as being from a poll and that the focus needs to be on other things like property rights and the second amendment.   Kashkari replied by saying that he’s travelled across the state and everyone, from every background wants the same thing – they want good jobs and they want their kids to get a good education.  “The issues I’m focused on are directly related to the feedback I’ve been getting from families in California,” explained Kashkari.  He went on to agree that water is an important issue and that’s related to employment as 40 percent of the jobs in the Central Valley are tied directly to agriculture.

Elisha Krauss asked Neel what he would do in regards to improving education.   Neel pointed out that half of the $40 billion for education does not end up on the students.  “LA Unified has become a jobs program with thousands of administrators and the money is not getting to where it’s needed,” said Kashkari.  “I want to put the money and the power back in the hands of teachers and parents – especially parents… Fixing our schools is not going to come from Sacramento.  Its’ not going to come from Washington DC.  It’s going to be putting the power back in the hands of parents and the local teachers who are really frustrated their hands are tied by Sacramento and by Washington, DC.”

Click on the player above to hear Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss discuss more about Neel Kashkari’s campaign and the Jerry Brown “Crazy Train.”


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