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Bob Olmstead, LA Sheriff Candidate: Overcoming Name Recognition "Not that Difficult, Goodness will Prevail" [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Bob Olmstead, LA Sheriff Candidate: Overcoming Name Recognition "Not that Difficult, Goodness will Prevail" [AUDIO]

Sheriff Lee Baca is stepping down today as LA County Sheriff as he announced earlier this month.   John Scott, undersheriff of Orange County will be installed as the interim chief ahead of the election.  One of the contenders for the county’s top cop, Bob Olmstead, joined the Morning Answer again to talk about Lee Baca and provide an update on his campaign.

Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman jumped right in and confronted Olmstead about what he said during the last interview.  Olmstead claimed he was the front-runner in the election and Brian asked if he was still ahead.

“Yes I am,” replied Olmstead, “ and let me explain it to you from this standpoint.  If you take a look at what the Board of Supervisors did yesterday by hiring John Scott, they indicated they’re looking for an outsider who’s got inside knowledge.  That’s exactly what I’m about!  I’m the outsider because I had to go outside the organization and report the corruption… at the same time I know the inside operations and how things should be handled. “

Brian continued to press him, this time bringing up how name recognition is important and how the big name endorsements are going to his competitor Paul Tanaka.  “One might say, ‘Wow, this guy might have it in the bag,’” pointed out Brian.  “You have hurdles to jump when it comes to name recognition and high level endorsements.  How do you plan to jump them?”

Olmstead seemed undeterred, saying that it’s not that difficult.  He brought up last year’s District Attorney race in which Jackie Lacey had far less money than Carmen Trutanich and less name recognition yet she still won.  “It’s the exact process that we’re in right now and the exact same fights that I’m dealing with and I truly feel that goodness is going to prevail.”

Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss brought up how many thousands of employees are in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.   “How do you plan on managing them and cleaning things up,” asked Elisha.

“The way you clean it up – the fish rots from the head down.  What needs to be done from day one when I go in to the office is to find out why other executives in the department…have failed to step and take a stance on the wrong-doings that have gone on underneath their noses,” replied Olmstead.  “And I’m going to basically say, ‘Why do I need to keep you here and tell me why you shouldn’t be fired?’”

Morning Answer fill-in host Victoria Taft then inquired as to what the first thing Olmstead would do when he takes office on Day 1.

“I have to change the leadership,” declared Olmstead.  “It was the leadership that caused the problem in Men’s Central Jail to occur because the leaders failed to step up and take appropriate action… The ironic part is how come none of the executives… have stepped out and said anything publically or taken a stance? It’s just more of the same and that’s not what we need.”

Click on the player above to hear the rest of Bob Olmstead’s second interview on The Morning Answer and his responses to comments during Paul Tanaka’s appearance on the show.

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