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Neel Kashkari: Polling Shows Jerry Brown Vulnerable [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Neel Kashkari: Polling Shows Jerry Brown Vulnerable [AUDIO]

Neel Kashkari, former Assistant Secretary to the Treasury, is the latest Republican to join the race for Governor of California.  He joined Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro on The Morning Answer on Monday to talk about his campaign and why he thinks he should be the next leader of the state.

Brian Whitman told Neel that it wasn’t often there we get a “fresh face” in the race. 

“We’ll I’ll take that as a compliment, thanks!” Neel responded.  “I moved to California in 1998, this is the state that I love, and I look at the direction the state is headed with our education system failing our kids and millions of Californians looking for work and I know we can do so much better than this – so that’s why I’m running for Governor.  I’m trying to give California families a better chance to work hard and make sure their kids get a good education.”

Ben Shapiro brought up the huge amount of money incumbent Jerry Brown raised for his campaign and asked Neel how he thought he could beat him. 

“The polling actually shows just how vulnerable he is,” explained Neel.  “While many people like Jerry Brown and think he’s a good man – I think he’s an honorable man – his re-elect numbers are very, very low for a Democratic incumbent governor in a Democratic state.   That’s because California has some of the worst unemployment in the country, we have some of the worst schools in the country, and we have the highest poverty rate in the country.  So men and women in our communities across California are struggling and Governor Brown has had three years and not done anything to boost jobs in this state, to really get the economy growing and he’s only been nibbling around the edges of the school system and California families are frustrated.”

Ben also inquired with Neel about traditionally minded Republicans and their concerns about his positions on the social issues.

“My view is this, I know people have deep heartfelt beliefs on each side of these issues and they’re not simple, these are things they believe passionately and I respect their different views,” said Kashkari.  “I just want government out of our lives and out of our homes and out of our hospitals and out of our bedrooms and I want people to decide what’s right for them and for their family.  I certainly don’t want to impose my views or anyone else’s views on California.  I just want the government out of our lives.”  He added that when he’s travelled around the state and shared his ideas, there is so much Republicans can agree on.

Click on the player above to hear the Neel Kashkari interview with Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro on The Morning Answer.

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