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Jonah Goldberg: Hillary is the Lady in the Library That Tells You 'No Eating' [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Jonah Goldberg: Hillary is the Lady in the Library That Tells You 'No Eating' [AUDIO]

Syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg joined The Morning Answer on Friday morning to discuss a handful of current events, including the recent accusations against Chris Christie, targeting of conservative groups and Hillary in 2016.

Brian Whitman asked Jonah at what point do mainstream Republicans wash their hands of Christie, saying he is too corrupt to run a state or the country.

“I think at the point where this stuff is proven,” replied Goldberg.  “The state of contempt that even moderate Republicans have for this kind of feeding frenzy from the mainstream media is sufficient that they’re just going to wait and see...You have this situation, especially among the MSNBC crowd, [where] every allegation is considered true ‘til proven otherwise.  And I think a lot of people just think, first of all, Christie is getting railroaded, second of all, no normal person is all that shocked that New Jersey is a cesspool.  No normal person who knows anything about American life thinks New Jersey is unique for being a cesspool.  I mean half of the governors of Illinois since 1960 have gone to jail!  There’s lots of disgusting politics going on, and what some people like about Chris Christie is they think he can cut through that stuff.”

Ben Shapiro inquired about the targeting of Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza for campaign finance violations. 

Jonah conceded that D’Souza might have done something wrong, but that a lot people make those mistakes.  “The weird thing here is they’re going for a criminal prosecution,” explained Jonah.  “One of the very, very few criminal prosecutions for this kind of thing and it just happens to be this guy who is a big critic of Barak Obama…It’s very oddly convenient.”

Elisha Krauss wondered what Jonah thought about recent statements from Mike Huckabee about women and the Democratic party and if he said it the right way.

“Part of the problem is that it’s a political thing.  The press completely misreported what he said and so now what he said is more radioactive than it deserves to be,” commented Jonah.  “Now everyone on the left is so invested in being incredibly outraged by what he said and they’re not going to dial that back.”

Jonah said that on the merits, he makes perfectly valid points. 

Brian also asked about if there was anybody that could beat Hillary in 2016.  Jonah said there were lots of Republicans that could beat her in a presidential run.  He explained that Democrats like to run people that haven’t been in the public eye that long and are fresh faces.   Hillary is not very charismatic pointed out Jonah, rather she’s “the lady who comes up to you in the library says there’s no eating in the library.” 

Click on the player above to hear Brian, Ben and Elisha chat with Jonah Goldberg about Christie, the targeting of Dinesh D’Souza, Mike Huckabee’s statements about women, and Hillary’s 2016 run.

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