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Rob Long: Typical for Hollywood 1%ers to Want to Pass Laws for Everybody Else [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Rob Long: Typical for Hollywood 1%ers to Want to Pass Laws for Everybody Else [AUDIO]

Conservative writer and television Producer Rob Long is one of the hosts of the Ricochet podcast.  In honor of their 200th episode, they will be doing a special live performance Sunday at the Town and Gown ballroom at USC. A number of prominent conservatives including our own Dennis Prager, Pat Sajak, Jonah Golberg and many others will drop by.  Rob Long joined the Morning Answer to talk about his podcast and conservative discrimination in Hollywood.

Ben Shapiro asked Rob how real is the discrimination and does it demonstrate the collusion between the Obama administration, IRS and the Hollywood left?

While Rob acknowledged discrimination in the IRS, he said “personally, in Hollywood, have never experienced that.  If anything I’ve experienced the opposite, the people I know and work with in Hollywood are maybe morbidly curious about my politics.”  However, he did say he knows people who are convinced that they have.  “Look, there are a whole lot of reasons people succeed and fail in Hollywood that have zero to do with their talent and their worth and their value as people.”

Elisha Krauss asked Rob how he thought about the one-percenters in Hollywood who talk about “income inequality.” 

“It is typical for people of Hollywood who are very rich and very spoiled and have plenty of people helping them – a lot of those people getting paid sub-minimum wage, a lot of those people getting paid internship wages – you know there are a lot of sets around where people are getting paid money that isn’t really legal and a lot of people have assistants that they’re not giving benefits to,” pointed out Rob.  “It’s traditional for those people to want to pass laws and regulations for everybody else.”

Click on the player above to hear Brian, Ben and Elisha chat with Rob Long about Hollywood and his upcoming 200th podcast for, including a special deal for AM870 listeners.

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