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Richard Sherman Rant, Bizarre Behavior Should Be Expected [AUDIO] | AM 870 The Answer

Richard Sherman Rant, Bizarre Behavior Should Be Expected [AUDIO]

People continue to buzz about Richard Sherman’s bizarre rant after the 49ers-Seahawks game on Sunday.  After the 23-17 win in the NFC Championship, Erin Andrews of FOX approached Sherman and asked him about the game.  “Well I’m the best corner in the game!  When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re going to get!  Don’t you ever talk about me!” shouted Sherman.  Andrews inquired as to whom Sherman was talking about and he responded, “Crabtree!  Don’t open your mouth about the best, or I’ll shut it for you real quick, LOB!”

“We live in a society of dummies,” remarked Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman.  “People are shocked that Richard Sherman would have anger management problems -- that he would scream at Erin Andrews?  This is a guy who is paid to tackle other people and drag them to the ground for hours a week and we want him to be normal.  Who are we?  We’re dummies!”

“There’s a better than average shot that if you take any football player in the NFL, they’re on steroids,” pointed out Morning Answer host Ben Shapiro.  “I mean we all know that they are using illicit substances—“

“Is this ok why the NFL is ok for pot use, ‘cause they want to mellow them out?” wondered Elisha Krauss.

Click on the player above to hear Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss talk about Sherman’s behavior after the game , the continuing reaction and take calls from Morning Answer listeners about the controversy.

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