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Allen West Talks Republican Strategy for 2014 Elections | AM 870 The Answer

Allen West Talks Republican Strategy for 2014 Elections

As Obamacare collapses and the 2014 elections approach, Republicans are gearing up to try and take back the Senate and pick up some more House seats.  Allen West joined Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss on The Morning Answer to talk about the Republican game plan.

Brian Whitman jumped right in to it, asking West, “If the RNC brought you in to it, and said they help us with the blueprint here for victory in 2014, what might be a couple of pieces of advice for them?”

“The first thing I would tell them is I don’t want to hear them ever say the word ‘outreach’ because I think outreach makes you show up in a specific demographic…you have a luncheon or a dinner and then they’ll never see you again,” replied West.  “It’s about constant continuous policy and inclusiveness and that’s the most important thing.”

He then went on to correct Brian Whitman’s suggestion that Obamacare enrollment had accelerated. West pointed out that they were counting people who were re-signing up for Medicaid not new enrollees.  In addition, he would highlight the economic failures, failed healthcare policy of the Administration as well as how it has turned its’ back on veterans.   However, that was just half the equation.  West emphasized the importance of Republicans must also talk about solutions.

Ben Shapiro questioned West about the budget.  “It’s got a lot of people up in arms,” Ben said, “especially because it includes a cost of living adjustment downward for a lot of military veterans.  What do you make of that budget?”

West replied that he was one of those retired military veterans and he said if he was at the RNC, he would ask how Republicans could come up with a plan that penalizes the cost of living allowance to military retirees.  He called that a “broken promise” and that’s something that all Republicans should have not signed on to.

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