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Illegal Alien Sergio Garcia Gets Law License | AM 870 The Answer

Illegal Alien Sergio Garcia Gets Law License

Illegals can now practice law in California.  On Thursday, the California Supreme Court decided that Sergio Garcia can practice law.  Garcia was brought in to the United States illegally in 1977 when he was 17 months old and in 2009 received a law degree and passed the bar exam.  The court determined there was no reason to block Garcia’s bid now that a new law permits the state’s high court to give such licenses to immigrants that are not yet citizens.

“To me the question is…if we have looked the other way, and we have for decades and generations, you have somebody here who is making quite the contribution getting a law degree, passing the bar…this is a person when we talk about, brought here through no fault of their own…” mused Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman. 

“How come he hasn’t tried harder to become a citizen,” interjected co-host Elisha Krauss.  “I have friends that have become citizens, I have had friends that have green cards, I have friends that have married people from other countries and they’ve tried to bring them in, etc… I know that there is follow-up… there is yearly follow up if not more frequently that you can do.  You can call your local politicians, you can get a letter from your pastor or your teachers or in his case his law professor to say ‘Sergio Garcia would be a contributing member to society. Please give us an update on Sergio Garcia’s case.’”

Elisha also asked Brian if he would hire this attorney.  Brian said it wouldn’t matter to him, but Elisha said she would hold it against him.  “If you’re going to take the bar and try to uphold the law, then why don’t you start by following the law in the first place,” suggested Elisha.

Click on the player above to hear Brian and Elisha discuss the case of Sergio Garcia and granting law licenses to illegal immigrants.

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