Brian, Ben & Elisha Talk About Their Death Penalty Preference

A state appeals court is examining the issue of lethal injection in California executions.  In 2011, a Marin County judge blocked executions after state prison officials did not comply with complex rules regarding the three-drug cocktail used for the injections.  The Morning Answer crew examined the complex and controversial this morning on the show.

Whenever there was a lull at a party, co-host Brian Whitman says he would pop up and ask people how they would prefer to die if they got the death penalty.  “Everybody, without a doubt, says ‘Oh I would take the lethal injection,’” said Brian.  “Because you have this image that you’ll get a needle and fall asleep.  That’s not what happens.  You suffocate.”

“I think I would choose the firing squad,” remarked Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss because she said at least you know what’s going to come.

Click on the player above to hear Brian, Ben and Elisha chat more about the death penalty and how they which way they would prefer to exit the world.

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