MS-13 Members Indicted in Food Truck Racket

At least 20 people tied to the violent MS-13 street gang have been indicted on charges related to a food truck extortion racket.  Officials say the gang targeted trucks serving blue collar workers demanding payments from $30 to $100 per week to operate trucks parked in Hollywood.

Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro remarked, “it makes me ask the question as to how much the state is charging then per week to operate trucks parked in Hollywood because MS-13 and the state sort of operate in similar ways.  You don’t get to operate that truck unless you pay somebody off!”

“The only difference,” chimed in co-host Brian Whitman, “is one has the power to arrest the other.”

All the talk about food trucks led to Brian evealing how his love affair started with these restaurants on wheels.  Click on the player above to hear Brian’s story!