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Joe Biden Gets Handsy in Christmas Party Photo | AM 870 The Answer

Joe Biden Gets Handsy in Christmas Party Photo

It’s always wild at the Vice Presidential Christmas party.  Recently a photo went viral of the Hill’s Aime Parnes being groped by Vice President Joe Biden in a picture taken at the annual event.  The photograph shows Biden with his hands around her waist – and she clamping them there while their spouses stand off to the side.

“It’s like Biden was supposed to stand next to her but then he switched it up and decided [to go] like skin-to-skin from behind,” said Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss as she evaluated the picture.

“And he’s got that crazy kind of smile – you know kind of wild capped teeth Joe Biden,” added co-host Brian Whitman.

“She’s grinning ear-to-ear,” pointed out Ben Shapiro as he had explained earlier that he thought she was in favor of the Biden touch.   

“No, that is not a grin!” countered Elisha.  “I think she was smiling for the camera then I think Joe Biden leaned in to do this and it’s a look of shock and ‘Oh my God, what do I do?””

Click on the player above to hear Brian, Ben and Elisha talk more about the creepy Joe Biden Christmas photo and whether or not Aime was in to it or not.

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