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Obamacare Website Crashes as Sebelius Testifies | AM 870 The Answer

Obamacare Website Crashes as Sebelius Testifies

Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius spent the morning on Capitol Hill testifying about the Obamacare debacle.  She apologized for the failed roll-out of website and took responsibility.

“Is she really saying she’s sorry?” asked Morning Answer host Elisha Krauss. 

“Yeah, I mean I think that she’s saying she’s sorry except for how nothing’s actually going to change.” replied Morning Answer host Ben Shapiro.   “Because five minutes before she appeared on the stage here, in front of that desk, with those congress people, like literally five minutes before that…umm…the website crashed again.”

“Well try it right now,” prodded Morning Answer host Brian Whitman.  With modem tones in tow, he said “Go to right now and Elisha you too.. and what are you seeing right now?”

Click on the player above to hear what happened when crew of The Morning Answer attempted to go to the crashed Obamacare website and evaluate the testimony of Sebelius.

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