Nevada School Shooting Highlights Importance of Fighting Bullies

The 12-year-old shooter who killed a teacher at a school in Sparks, Nevada may have been bullied according to a classmate.   Amaya Newton told CNN's Piers Morgan that "he was a really nice kid" and "would make you smile when you were having a bad day.  She added that she "saw him getting bullied a couple times, and I think he took out his bullying."

"There's a certain frustration building up," explained Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro, "and that's not justifying, obviously, grabbing a gun and shooting anyone.  But the best way to stop a bully and to prevent bullying is not all of these anti-bullying initiatives in the schools--"

"Pop him in the nose once," Brian Whitman interjected.

"That's exactly right!" Ben responded.  "Train kids that they can fight back when they are bullied.  Because the fact is every kid, or at least most kids, will at some point in their lives be bullied.  And the only way to stop a bully is to punch them."

Click on the player above to hear Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro discuss the best way to stop bullies, the ineffectiveness of anti-bullying programs and how listeners deal with their kids and bullying.