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Ben Shapiro Talks Obamacare Consequences with Answer Listeners | AM 870 The Answer

Ben Shapiro Talks Obamacare Consequences with Answer Listeners

With the Obamacare train already starting to derail, people are feeling the effects of this disaster of a law.  On the Morning Answer, Ben Shapiro took calls from listeners whose lives are being disrupted by Obamacare.

Zack from Los Angeles is an insurance agent in the medical insurance industry.  “People are so scared about Obamacare because they’re not sure about all the costs and they’re confused about the rates because the rates were never given in an official capacity until recently,” said Zack.  He went on to say that nobody is buying all the other types of insurance like dental, life and disability because they’re so scared about what’s happening with Obamacare.

Caller Holly said she had been buying insurance from Kaiser for her kids through the County for $9 a month and they’ve treated her kids so well.  Breaking in to tears she told Ben that “now it’s gone.”

Click on the player above to hear more callers talk about the consequences of Obamacare and Ben’s words of hope for those affected.

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