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President Obama "Spikes the Football" with Thursday Speech | AM 870 The Answer

President Obama "Spikes the Football" with Thursday Speech

President Obama went ahead and “spiked the football” this morning after yesterday’s Republican capitulation in the debt deal.  He proceeded to blame bloggers, activists and radio hosts as culprits in the shutdown fiasco.

“His tone when he addresses members of Congress makes him appear – and he probably does think that he’s like their boss or he’s greater than them,” commented Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss.  “No no no – you guys are co-equal branches and this is a problem.”  She went on to describe his body language and say that he looked a little “po’d” and even though he got his way, it wasn’t enough for him.

“Well this is him in triumphant mode,” explained Ben Shapiro.  “He’s now doing kind of harsh hand motions at the camera and he’s giving the little smug kind of grin.  President Obama is somebody…who really truly wishes that he had dictatorial power.”

Click on the player above to hear Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss evaluate King Obama’s speech this morning.

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