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Should Gay Couples Get Fertility Benefits? | AM 870 The Answer

Should Gay Couples Get Fertility Benefits?

Under a new California state law, gay and lesbian couples will receive fertility treatment coverage from their insurance companies.  Author of the law Tom Amiano says that one complication for same sex couples is that the benefit doesn’t kick in until the pair tries to conceive naturally for 12 months.

“Well yes, as it turns out, two men having sex cannot produce a baby!” exclaimed Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro.  “You can try really hard, you can try repeatedly for a year, it will never produce a baby!  Why am I paying for your insurance because you argue with the laws of nature?”

He continued, “If you have a love affair with the wall of your bedroom, and you proceeded to try to conceive with that wall of your bedroom for a year, why would I have to pay for your insurance because you’re ‘infertile?’”

Brian Whitman responded that he would like to point out, “from the other side, there might be two lesbian women or two gay men that are married -- in California you can do that here.  They want to have a kid.  They are very aware of the biological hurdle---“

“I don’t think they’re aware,” fired back Ben.  “Apparently not because they’re the ones demanding infertility treatment on the insurance dime!”

Click on the player above to hear Ben Shapiro refuse to back down from his assertion about the ridiculousness of giving fertility benefits to gay and lesbian couples and Brian’s attempts at defense.

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