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Republicans, GOP Losing Young Christians | AM 870 The Answer

Republicans, GOP Losing Young Christians

The GOP is losing young Christians declares an article written by Matt Lewis published in “The Week” on Monday.   He surmizes that today’s rancourous politics are driving away people who abide by the “Do unto others” philosophy.

“He’s suggesting that when Republicans get rough and tumble in politics, they are turning off their own base,” explained Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro.  “The only problem with that, of course, is that in the world of politics there are no kinder, gentler means.  The fact is that the left is not going to lay off of its tactics and this is the big mistake, I think, Christians made in the aftermath of the successes of the Christian Coalition in the 80s.”

Click on the player above to hear Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss talk about declining numbers of young Christian Republicans and what can be done to reverse the decline.

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