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Transgender Teacher at Azusa Pacific University Fired, Students Protest | AM 870 The Answer

Transgender Teacher at Azusa Pacific University Fired, Students Protest

Heath Adam Ackley (formerly Heather Clements) is out of a job at Azusa Pacific University after being asked to leave after coming out as transgender.  The University and the teacher have agreed to part ways and APU will pay out salary for the remainder of the year.  Students have been rallying behind the professor and the school says that it is respecting the rights of students to protest.

“You can sense the moral superiority rolling off them in waves as they defend this transgender professor from those evil Christian administrators,” remarked Morning Answer co-host Ben Shapiro. 

“Does it represent a liberalizing of views among young people on these transgender issues even in the faith based Christian community?” wondered co-host Brian Whitman

“Absolutely, because the church hasn’t been teaching the biblical principles on these issues for a very long time,” explained co-host Elisha Krauss.  “You have people in their teens and 20s listening top 40 songs like Macklemore ‘Same Love’ that makes it cool and calls you a bigot if you are against somebody—“

“What you’re seeing here… is encapsulated in the term ‘Social Justice,’” interjected Ben.  He went on to remark that a lot of the folks in the religious community feel that it’s the job of religious people to pursue social justice, but ‘social justice’ is just another word for leftism.

Click on the player above to hear more discussion about the transgender teacher controversy at Azusa Pacific University, including a caller who attended a similar school and thinks it might be underground LGBT clubs that are pushing these agendas.

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