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Should Mothers Use the Carpool Lane with a Baby? | AM 870 The Answer

Should Mothers Use the Carpool Lane with a Baby?

Governor Jerry Brown is extending the use of carpool lanes to single drivers in electric vehicles.   Carpool lanes are always a contentious issue and as Southern California drivers, the Morning Answer crew has some strong opinions.

“I don’t like it when people don’t have more than one person in the car and they get in there,” remarked Morning Answer co-host Elisha Krauss. 

Brian Whitman responded, “You know what I don’t like? When moms have like…you’re a mom…when moms have like 5 kids…”

Elisha interrupted him, “So when I have Stevie and she’s screaming in the back of the car because she’s hungry…and gassy…and needs a diaper change and I’m on my way to the doctor and I can’t get in the carpool lane.”

Agreeing with Brian, Ben rolled his eyes and asked “Seriously?” as the two mocked Elisha’s attempt at being a victim.

Click on the player above to hear Brian and Ben take on Elisha as she tries to defend carpooling with a baby in the vehicle as well as other carpool lane pet peeves.


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