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Gun Appreciation Day Scheduled for January 19 | AM 870 The Answer

Gun Appreciation Day Scheduled for January 19

Guns rights groups are planning a Gun Appreciation Day on January 19, 2013 in an effort akin to the Chik-fil-A appreciation day last year.  Organizers are looking to send a message to President Obama by having gun owners line up at gun shops and shooting ranges just two days before his innaguration.  They've been asked to bring a copy of the constitution, American flags and signs reading "Hands off my Guns!"

Co-hosts Heidi Harris and Brian Whitman talked about the "Gun Appreciation Day" and the spike in gun sales on the Morning Answer.  Heidi read a news report that there are a million AR-15 rifles on backorder.

"I don't get how the reaction to Sandy Hook is to go order an assault rifle," wondered Brian.

Heidi responded that the reaction to Sandy Hook was not to order more guns.  The reaction to Sandy Hook was politicians getting out there like Joe Biden and threatening executive action to ennact gun controls.  "Whenver anyone says that we need to take action, those of us  that own guns want to make sure we have guns," explained Heidi.

Brian was still having trouble understanding, so she relayed it to him in terms he could understand.  She compared the spike in gun sales to the spike in Twinkie sales after people heard the snack might be taken off the market.  "When people are concerned they're not going to have whatever it is, they get nervous," said Heidi.  "Guns are no different than any other commodity."

Click on the player above to hear more of the discussion between Heidi and Brian.

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