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Should the US Intervene in Syria? | AM 870 The Answer

Should the US Intervene in Syria?

Anti-war protestors took to the street on Saturday to protesting possible impending military action in Syria.

Morning Answer co-host Brian Whitman ribbed Ben Shapiro this morning about becoming dovish in regards to intervention in Syria.

Shapiro defended himself by saying President Obama “still hasn’t articulated exactly what our interest is, what we’re going to do there, how we’re going to get out, and what exactly we would like to happen there.”

“I don’t know if I support this war,” commented Brian, “but what outrages me more is the political hacks who are running around on television, around Capitol Hill, saying it’s opposite day because it’s Obama, not Bush.”

Click on the player above to hear The Morning Answer discuss their take on possible action in Syria and the differences and similarities between this situation and the Iraq War.

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