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Fast Food Workers to Rally for $15 Minimum Wage | AM 870 The Answer

Fast Food Workers to Rally for $15 Minimum Wage

Fast food workers plan to walk off the job on August 29 to demand $15 an hour pay at chains around Southern California.  Behind the protests is the Service Employees International Union who say they are focusing the efforts on low-income workers whose numbers are growing fast.

Ben Shapiro broke down the backstory on The Morning Answer.  He explained that the fast food companies lobbied for food stamps so they don’t have to pay their employees as much since the government will pick up half the tab.  The result of that is people will demand the minimum wage increased which will then lead to unemployment because the restaurants will fire people.  Then, the public sees all the unemployed people and demand those benefits be jacked up.

“The bottom line is, the more we do this the more the taxpayers come out of pocket,” pointed out Ben.  “This shows the danger of crony capitalism, how crony capitalism ends up being transformed in to socialism in the end.  Eventually all those cronies who need the tax dollars to subsidize their businesses go bust and the government steps in and feels the need to help all the people who were damaged when the company went bust.”

Click on the player above to hear Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Jennifer Horn (in for Elisha Krauss) discuss the fast food worker strike and minimum wage.

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